Culinary Mastery Unveiled: Exploring the Wow Oven and CTX Innovation

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Welcome, fellow culinary enthusiasts! Today, we’re in for a treat as we join Andrew Ostrowski, the Culinary Director at Middleby Marshall, on an exciting culinary journey. Our destination: the innovative WoW oven and CTX, two kitchen companions that are about to revolutionize your cooking experience.

WoW Oven: The Perfect Pizza Showcase

Our adventure begins with a curated selection of pizzas, each chosen to showcase the incredible capabilities of Middleby Marshall’s Hearth Belt technology. From oiled sheeted crusts to herb Provence flatbreads and delightful Detroit-style pan pizzas, get ready to witness the magic unfold before your eyes.

Cooking on the Hearth Belt

The WoW oven, armed with the unique Hearth Belt, takes pizza preparation to new heights. No more traditional methods; we’re cooking directly on the belt, creating a contact sear that delivers consistently browned and perfectly finished pizzas. The uniformity achieved on the Hearth Belt surpasses the risks associated with conventional deck ovens, ensuring a flawless baking process.

Innovative Features

Andrew introduces us to the Photo I feature, an energy management system that intelligently enters sleep mode during minimal belt activity. Witness the oven’s quick recovery within three seconds when activity resumes, ensuring energy efficiency. The Cool Touch technology adds another layer of brilliance, keeping the oven cool to the touch even at high temperatures. It’s a testament to superior insulation and heat retention.

Variable Airflow for Culinary Versatility

Explore the versatility of Middleby Marshall’s ovens with variable airflow. This feature allows us to cook various pizza styles, and today, we’re treated to the excellence of Detroit-style pizza. The result is an outstanding pizza experience, perfectly complemented by your favorite beverage.


As we conclude this culinary showcase, the WoW oven and CTX stand as pioneers in kitchen innovation. From perfect pizzas to energy-efficient features, these ovens redefine culinary possibilities. Elevate your kitchen game, whether you’re a professional chef or a home cooking enthusiast. Cheers to culinary mastery with Middleby Marshall!

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