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PS638E V 03 MLUI OneTouch copy

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Discover the innovative Middleby Marshall Ventless oven, engineered with internal systems that swiftly neutralize grease-laden vapor, ensuring compliance with strict emission regulations. These ovens are certified as non-grease emitting appliances, eliminating the need for a Type I or Type II hood during installation.

EPA 202 Test Results (8hr):

  • Tested with 439 Pepperoni pizzas
  • Recorded emission level: 3.10 mg/m³
  • Ventless Requirements: <5mg/m³

Key Features of the PS638E-V Oven:

  • Impingement PLUS! technology ensures a low oven profile and dual air return, optimizing cooking performance.
  • Equipped with a patented Energy Management System (EMS) for efficient energy usage.
  • Advanced air delivery system enables up to 30% faster baking compared to traditional conveyor ovens.
  • Boasts a 38” (965 mm) long cooking chamber and a 26” (660 mm) wide, 65.25” (1657 mm) long conveyor.
  • Conveyor speed range from 30 seconds to 13 minutes, providing versatility in cooking times.
  • Enjoy the "Cool Skin" safety feature, maintaining the external surface temperature below 120°F (49°C) for user safety.
  • Cleaning is a breeze with removable parts, including drip trays, crumb trays, end panels, air fingers, and conveyor belt.
  • Stackable design allows for convenient storage, accommodating up to two units high.

Optional Features:

  • Choose the split belt option, featuring two 12” (381 mm) belts with individually adjustable speed settings, enhancing versatility in cooking applications.
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