Maximize Revenue: Unleash the Power of the Market’s Largest Ventless Conveyor Pizza Oven

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Indulge in the ultimate pizza experience with the Middleby Marshall WOW! Pizza Oven, where every slice makes you say WOW! From lightning-fast baking to unparalleled cooking quality and user-friendly operation, both your staff and customers will be singing its praises.

Impingement vs. Convection: The WOW! Pizza Oven Difference

Dive into the world of impingement with the Middleby Marshall WOW! A revolutionary departure from conventional convection ovens. The key distinction lies in the high-speed air circulation within the cooking chamber. Unlike convection ovens that merely circulate air, impingement ovens like the WOW! focus heat directly onto the pizza, ensuring intense heat and shorter cook times. In practical terms, this translates to a remarkable 30 percent reduction in bake times, allowing the WOW! Pizza Oven can churn out an impressive 74 pizzas per hour. Calculate the profit potential and witness the capabilities of the industry’s largest ventless oven.

Beyond Numbers: The WOW! Pizza Oven Advantage

While claiming the title of the market’s largest pizza oven, the Middleby Marshall WOW! Oven extends beyond mere performance and volume. As pizzas glide through the conveyor, the unit’s controls offer flexibility in airflow adjustments, precise management of air movement, time, and temperature settings. The patented Energy Management System incorporates heating elements for efficient heat transfer, resulting in a substantial 30 percent energy savings for operators. And that’s not all – the WOW! Oven is ventless, allowing convenient placement anywhere without the need for a hood. Its internal systems efficiently eliminate grease-filled vapors, ensuring safe and versatile operation.

Elevate your pizza production, achieving perfection in every bake. Experience the WOW! Pizza Oven difference – fast, flawless, and ventless.

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