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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Chef’s Special Oven-Cooked Latin Feast

Welcome back to “Feed the Beast,” where we unlock the secrets of commercial kitchens to inspire your home cooking. In this special episode, we’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo by preparing an array of Latin and Mexican inspired dishes, all conveniently cooked in one oven.

Our culinary journey begins with a staple – beans. We’ve mixed refried and whole beans for a perfect side dish. Next up, we transform leftover chips into delicious chili Chiles, combining them with salsa, cheese, and fresh fried eggs – a next-day savior.

The star of the menu is sous vide chicken, flavored with dried ancho chili, garlic paste, and lime, ready to be finished in the CTX oven. Stuffed poblanos follow, filled with homemade sofrito, chicken, and saffron rice, adding a spicy and hearty element to our feast.

For a communal dish, we prepare shrimp fajitas with a simple yet flavorful blend of chipotle pepper, fresh peppers, and onions. Enchiladas come next, featuring smoked pulled chicken, topped with cheese and tangy enchilada sauce, adding a savory touch to our meal.

We can’t forget about the steak. Our dry-aged ribeye, rubbed with coffee and traditional spices, is seared to perfection, showcasing an innovative culinary twist. To complement these dishes, we run some tortillas and serve them with crema and special hot sauce.

This episode not only showcases delicious recipes but also the efficiency of cooking with a split belt oven, allowing a full Cinco de Mayo menu to be prepared in mere minutes. Thanks for joining us on this culinary adventure. Don’t forget to check out more videos and info at middlebymarshall.com/feedthebeast. See you next time on “Feed the Beast”!

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